June 2, 2016

Uprooting, transplanting, propagating and hedging

Early spring of this year I dug out eight of our nine box plants that were lining the front of our home and transplanted them elsewhere. Four of the plants were medium size (about 22″) and four small (about 14″). The small plants recovered astonishingly well but the medium sized plants unfortunately went into shock, more than I have ever seen before on a plant. Obviously they were not happy and I felt horrible about uprooting them. It was a lot of work digging them up and I vowed I would never dig up a plant this size and type again ever. There were a few factors that accounted for their shock and lessons learned. When the leaves turned brown and started to fall I amended the soil again and cut the bad branches out. I also cleaned up the roots. The next day I felt very encouraged when I saw little green buds starting to appear on the branches already. I had seen this before so I got the cutters out again and cut back hard three of the four plants that were most affected. If you want to know what it means to hope, gardening will do it.

Below is an image of the ninth box plant I left in front of the house. I didn’t think of trying to move this plant as it measures 30″ in height and 10″ more in width. While it is not a huge plant, it is amazing how huge a plant becomes once you think of moving it. The lighter green and red tips shows new growth.

Which is also happening on the plants I transplanted. The plant below was cut back the hardest and is showing a good deal of regeneration.


Interestingly enough, the plant I did the least cut back has fewer regrowth despite it having lost fewer leaves from the transplant shock.


Which has given me ideas for making more plants for hedging our new potager (which is a whole new blog post). I wish I had given more thought to plant propagation and seed saving years ago but now that I am aware of it and have the time to do more with our garden, I’m excited to try it out. It’s like a whole new world has opened itself up to me.