November 8, 2016

Sweet Bean Paste

I watched the movie Sweet Bean by Naomi Kawase. A tender story that showcases Dorayaki (a Japanese confectionery) and the love that goes into making Anko, the sweet bean paste. Of course I had to try it. After scouring the internet, I came across this recipe with authors Noriko and Yuko. If you look at other recipes, you will notice that this recipe uses 1/2 cup (sometimes one cup) sugar more per cup of beans. Their reason for the extra sugar is that “it makes the paste thicker, shinier and tastes closer to the ones from traditional Japanese sweet shops.” Resist the urge to rinse the beans after you drain them in the last step otherwise the paste will turn an unappetizing faded purple and not the deep red-brown. If you prefer a smooth texture, mix using a stick blender or blender. Makes a delicious spread in place of Nutella or jam.