December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas Eve dinner tonight is Black Bean Tamales followed by Moroccan Beef Stew with Couscous and for dessert, Trifle (requested by our son but in the form of a Tiramisu). I wish I could say I made the Tamales but, like the rum infused fruit cake I was so ambitious to make, it got away from me this year (much like last year with Chestnut Chocolate Marquise). Christmas Day dessert is a Bûche de Noel by Baquette et Chocolat because all my focus will be in trying to create Gordon Ramsey’s Beef Wellington.

Those who know me know I like tinkering with greenery all seasons of the year so obviously I became fixated. The trimmings from the Christmas trees were made into floral arrangements for later use to make into garlands but then I never got around to making the garlands because I was trying to find buttercream colored tapered candles (which I couldn’t find anyway) and then got sidetracked with the ivy jasmine where I decided to put some on the light shade and that if I had time would have covered my dining room with it. Hope your Christmas is a good one.