October 27, 2016

Chocolate Sourdough Bread

I wrote this post earlier this year, put it in the “drafts” folder and then forgot about it. I discovered it today while writing up another and so had to post it before I forgot again. These are images taken from when I first tried making chocolate sourdough bread. I’ve made it several times since then—fewer times over summer but now that the weather is turning cooler, this will be a regular. The recipe comes from The Clever Carrot and while I only used half the amount of starter and didn’t have chocolate chips, my bread turned out similarly. If anything I was very pleased with the result. I was amazed at how quickly the bread rose compared to my usual batch of sourdough bread which I think is the result of using sugar. Both crumb and crust are soft too and from reading about bread making in the past, it’s from using sugar so if you prefer a much softer crust and crumb, add sugar. The aroma of this bread while baking and afterwards is just delicious.


Overnight rise. Using a see-through container for this process allows you to view the texture of your dough; and one with measurements will allow you to measure its growth. The texture in your dough is also a good indicator of what your finished product will look like so watching the process through a transparent container makes for a very helpful tool.


Proofing. Before (left), and one hour later (right).


Note. Most sourdough bread recipes call for a dutch oven or cast iron pot, and some recipes absolutely advise that you can’t bake a bread without them. This isn’t true. A pizza stone or barbecue stone will do just as well and is something most people have access to without the added expense of purchasing an item they may not need. To create the steam required, place a dish at the bottom of the oven (the stone should be placed in the oven at this time too) while the oven is preheating. Then, when the oven is ready and the bread dough is on the stone (if there is room you can put more than one dough on the same stone), pour one cup of ice into the dish and close the oven door directly.